ワカムラ ショウタ
若村 将太


Born with synesthesia that enables him to “see” people's “voices,” Shota can see the landscape unique to each person, and paint it as a picture.
He offers coaching based on what he “saw” listening to the sound of the person's voice, in addition to the words the person used or the stories he/she told.
When he cooks, he also hears voices, such as “A bit more salt please!” from the pan.
When he watches movies, he sees the same “landscapes” or “three-dimensional constructions” floating in front of the screen, for films made by the same director.


His perception of true “health” is to enhance one's sensitivity, to improve one's mental environment and home, in addition to making full use of imagination. He places high priority on cultivating a creative future.
His everyday life consists of embracing reality, providing nurture, infusing vitality and realizing abundance.


Born to a mother who was an associate professor of Urasenke (one of the main schools of Japanese tea ceremony) and a father who worked as a sales person at an ad agency, Shota traveled alone as a child, joined boy scouts, practiced Kendo (Japanese art of fencing) and served as the president of the student council, all benefiting him as an extraordinary educational experience. After failing to enter an art university and some twists and turns, he moved to New York where he spent his twenties. He double-majored in Film (considered “the Seventh Art”) and Urban Studies at the Hunter College of the City University of New York, was on the Dean's List, and graduated top of the class. After witnessing the 9/11 attacks in 2001, Shota decided to start up his own business in Japan, and returned in Autumn 2002. He has been engaged in creating educational contents, holding educational events, providing business consultation and mental training for athletes. Father to one child.